Mid Year Letter from Your President

Can you believe it’s already January? We’re half-way through the 2018-2019 American Marketing Association year, and with that, we have a lot to celebrate!

Earlier this board year, I sent out a letter which included our Board’s theme and objectives.

I’m thrilled to announce that mid-year, we have reached several of our objectives (but are still going strong — call us overachievers!)

Objective 1: Enhancing membership and sponsorship value through AMA experiences and benefits

We’ve launched the Professional Excellence series with our first event occuring in October. This series focuses on providing professional development opportunities for our members, beyond the monthly marketing luncheons. This first event was a success, and thanks to the insights you provided us through a recent survey, we will continue to focus on providing those specific topics for your continued development throughout this series.

We are focusing on new partnerships for the chapter, allowing us to provide enhanced experiences and events throughout the year, including our newest partner, iHeartRadio, a sponsor of the 2018 Holiday Mixer. 

We’ve brought in national speakers for our signature luncheon series along with several regional and local high-caliber speakers. Be on the lookout for our next luncheon in January!

Objective 2: Chapter growth, sustainability, and longevity

Our chapter remains strong in numbers as we continue to bring in new members and increase our membership renewal rate by 10% over last year.

Since the first day of the year, strategic planning for the future has been a top priority. This has included succession planning (processes, resources, etc.), prepping the chapter’s future leadership, and the experiences we provide our members and participants now and in the future. In recognition of our efforts, the San Antonio chapter has been recognized by our fellow AMA peers for the sustained excellence and cultural impact we have made. This nod is specifically to our strategic succession planning for continued success and the diversity and inclusion in speakers, partnerships, and member and partnership experiences.

Objective 3: Financial Health

Each year, the national American Marketing Associations awards local AMA chapters for work performed the previous year. During the 2017-2018 year, one of the goals for AMA San Antonio was to be a #SeriouslyStrong Chapter. Under the direction of past President, Vanessa Torres, one of the top priorities was financial health and sustainability.

We’re thrilled to announce that for a second year in a row, the San Antonio chapter is a nationally recognized, award-winning chapter of the American Marketing Association.

This past month, San Antonio was recognized with the Chapter Excellence Award – Finance Special Merit. Chapters who receive a special merit in this area showed exemplary performance and use of financial best practices. Out of all of the national chapters, San Antonio was one of the top 6 performing chapters in financial health and excellence. You can find our new badge of honor on our homepage!

In summary

As we focus on #Amplifying the remainder of the year, we will continue the mission of “being the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing” for our members, providing quality, relevant and timely marketing programming and events.

We hope to see your familiar (or new!) face at our events and on social media. We also hope you reach out to find new ways to get involved with us, whether it be volunteering, as a speaker, or partner at our events. Through your continued support and participation, we will continue to excel as a chapter. Most of all, we hope to continue to inspire your creativity, enhance your experience and empower your curiosity.

Happy New Year!


CJ Craig

2018 – 2019 President of AMA San Antonio


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