AMA San Antonio loves its members! This month, we’d like to spotlight Bruno Passos of United Allergy, AMA member since 2017.


What do you enjoy most about your membership in AMA?

I’ve really enjoyed the presentations at the monthly luncheons. They offer a unique chance to sit in on talented, often locally based, marketers and hear their success stories.

How has the AMA helped you in your career?

The insight from each speaker is really valuable. There’s always something inspirational to take away, and they also help me evaluate what additional skills I may want to bolster as I move forward in my career.

What is the main value for you in your AMA membership?

I attend the luncheons with my manager, which allows us to discuss the topics and case studies and see how they might apply to our own marketing efforts. It’s a great excuse to collaborate outside of whatever projects we have on hand.

What do you consider a turning point in your career?

I wouldn’t say there’s been any single one. My career in marketing has probably benefited most from being willing to broaden my skills and taking on new challenges whenever an opportunity has arisen.

What is your favorite place to take your friends visiting San Antonio? 

I like to perpetuate the cliché that everything is bigger in Texas, which means most visits usually include a stop at Big Lou’s Pizza.

It’s members like Bruno that make AMA San Antonio shine. Reach out to us to learn about membership and how it can benefit your lifelong learning, network, and career!