Member Spotlight: David De La Fuente

Meet David

What do you enjoy most about your membership in AMA?
After attending the first luncheon in March/April I have enjoyed learning the professional development of marketing companies and their knowledge with what they do to run their business and of course networking with other members or non-members.

How has the AMA helped you in your career?
As of now, I am since looking for a full-time job but it has added new knowledge in my quest as a social media marketer enhancing the audience that subscribes to my blog.

What is the main value for you in your AMA membership?
That it will build my foundation of professionalism in marketing and maybe become my own boss in some way.

What do you consider a turning point in your career?
The biggest accomplishment was on Friday, August 2nd which I reached a major milestone of celebrating my 20th Navy anniversary. It has gone by so fast but with my focus and motivation, it has been my driving force to seek out my next career after I retire from Naval service.

What is your favorite place to take your friends visiting San Antonio? 
It’s a tie between the Riverwalk and the Pearl because both locations have great food choices as well as happy hour deals.

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